What is the Permanent Supportive Housing Program?

Permanent Supportive Housing provides rent assistance, in connection with supportive services, to homeless persons with disabilities. The program is a collaborative effort with Northland Counseling Center. The supportive services provided by staff from Northland Counseling Center fulfill a dollar-for-dollar match requirement for the HUD grant.


The HRA assists approximately 15 participants through this program.

Eligibility and Admission Preferences

  1. The program is open to very low income individuals and families who are at or below the income guidelines. The annual income limit is currently $22,350 for a single person and $25,550 for a two person family (50% of median income subject to change by HUD).
  2. The individual/family must be homeless at the time of admission. In addition, at least one adult member must meet the program definition of disabled.

How to Apply

Applications are taken directly by staff at Northland Counseling Center. Interested applicants should call Audrey at 218-360-3663 for further information.

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